It was our first date but I already knew I loved Michael. We met in a chat room and had been emailing for over a month. You can really get to know someone through email. I had poured my soul out to Michael and he had poured his soul out to me. We knew about each other’s families, our dreams, our goals, our fantasies, our favorite TV shows, favorite music, favorite art, what made each other laugh and much much more. Our very souls were intertwined in the words we had written each other. It was as if destiny had brought us together. The only problem was that we lived about 10 hours away from each other, him in southern California and me in northern California. So, we decided to meet in the middle at a little coffeeshop in Monterey one weekend. When we first gazed into each other’s eyes, I knew in an instant I had met my soulmate. Michael was even more handsome in person than his photo had indicated. His blue eyes were a deeper blue and they drew me to him like a moth to a candle. His facial expressions were cute and mysterious and he smiled so sweetly. He kept saying how beautiful I was….how he loved my silky long hair and my cute button nose. No one had ever complimented me so much. And when he spoke, the words seemed to linger in the air like music to my ears. After the initial nervousness wore off, we ordered a capacinno and settled in for a 2 hour conversation. We already knew each other so well from our emails, it was like talking with a life long friend. It was comfortable and exciting both at the same time. After joking that our butts were asleep, we decided to take a ride down the coast. There were a few clouds in the sky that day and we drove through a small afternoon rain shower. “We’re going to have a beautiful sunset today Pam…I can just feel it.” We both adored sunsets and would travel anywhere anytime to see the perfect one. “Yes, I think so too…look at those interesting clouds over there” I said as I pointed off in the distance. We were driving out of Carmel now and Highway 1 wound down right by the ocean again. We both admired the beautiful rocky coast and how the mountains seem to fall into the ocean. It was spring and the wildflowers were in full bloom. The sweet fragrance made both of us breath more deeply. “Pull over Michael, I don’t want to miss the sunset.” Michael pulled the car over and we hiked down the mountain to a secluded cove. “The sky is absolutely beautiful but not as beautiful as you of course!” Michael said. The surf was pounding the rocks and we could hear the seals barking in the distance. “We have discovered a really private spot” I said thinking of all the possibilities. “Yes, you can’t even see the road above. We smiled at each other and we found a comfortable place to sit facing the colored sky. Michael put his arm around me. The wind was cold and I used this as an excuse to snuggle up closer to Michael. This was the closest we had ever been but it felt strangely familiar. The whole sky was beginning to change color now…..from bright yellow rays, to pastel pinks and purples. “Oh, look Michael…it’s as if an artist were painting us a picture.” I turned my head toward Michael and suddenly our lips met and we kissed for a very long time. Michael was an excellent kisser. His lips were warm and moist and his tongue very adept. I lay my head on Michael’s shoulder and we watched the sunset together silent in thought but I could feel our hearts racing. It was a comfortable silence. I loved the way Michael smelled. It wasn’t his cologne…it was his own natural smell. After a while, Michael began rocking me in his arms. Then he said softly, “You are my dream come true. You are the perfect women for me.” “And you are the perfect man for me, Michael…I can’t believe I found you.” We kissed again, this time longer and even more passionately. When we looked up again at the sky the clouds looked like giant arms opening to embrace us. The colors were more passionate now, mostly reds and deep purple. It was as if we were camilions and the colors in the sky were responding to our emotions. I could feel Michael’s penis swelling up but I knew he was a gentleman and I would have to make the first move so I said, “I want you to make love to me under this beautiful sky.” At this request, I could feel Michael tremble ever so slightly. As I gazed into his eyes, I could see his burning desire and the lust he had for me. I helped him take his shirt off and he helped me with mine. His fingers were trembling when he took my bra off. As my boosom bounced out, he cupped each one in his hands, smiled and bent down and kissed them all over very very softly. He was so gentle, it was as if he was handling a precious china doll and did not want to hurt it. Michael took his time with every thing he did. We slowly took off the rest of our clothes and explored each other’s bodies as we did. Michael kissed my entire body and I loved every minute of it. The sun had completely set and twilight had set in. Michael’s penis was standing at attention but still he did not rush things. I took his cock in my hand and began stroking if softly. He whispered to me, “I want tonight to be perfect.” “It already is Michael….I want you inside me.” Michael pulled me toward him and then put his cock inside me very slowly. He then began to very slowly and very rhythmically gliding his cock in and out of me. His eyes were wide open and he was gazing down at me with a little smile on his face. We made love with our eyes locked. We made love slowly as if we both wanted it to last forever. I could feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter. I was right on the verge of an incredible orgasm when Michael spoke, “Pam, the way you feel right now is the way I want you to feel the rest of your life.” “I love you Michael.” I screamed as I had a violent orgasm. I closed my eyes and felt the spasm go up and down my vagina. When I opened my eyes again, Michael had a huge satisfied smile on his face. He continued to rock in and out of me and I had two more orgasms, each one more intense. I l heard Michael let out a loud slow moan. I looked up and his eyes were closed. He slid off of me, grabbed his penis and shot out a huge load of hot cum. We held each other and laid down on our backs and looked up at the stars. While enjoying the afterglow, we talked about how we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

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